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At D-Land IT we aim to reduce your IT costs while also increasing the level of service you recieve. We believe that even the smallest client is as entitled the same level of support as the largest ones.

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D-Land IT Services

Network Administration

Maintaining your network hardware and operating systems that make up your local and wide area networks.

System Management

We manage and configure the computer resources of the entire business.


Expert planning, implementation, auditing, monitoring, and management of complete security solutions.

Cloud Services

Scalable, customised, mobile and cost-effective.

IT Professionals

We deliver a range of services that are designed to help you to get the most out of your IT infrastructure.


Our qualified team of engineers deliver IT assistance via the phone, remotely, or on-site.

Why Choose D-Land IT

While most IT Support companies will take your business, their preferred client is a much larger site. As a result of this, they are structured to be most beneficial to the large clients and not the smaller business. D-Land IT focuses solely on Small and Medium Enterprises and is structured to suit your needs.

  • Affordable Maintence via Our unique Service Plans

    Ordinarily Maintenance Contracts offered by most IT Support companies are based on the concept of maintaining the IT System as it is. Thus any work relating to the improvement of your IT system, such as installing new computers or software, is an additional charge on top of your maintenance contract. Our Service Plans are designed to eliminate this. In short, you can use your hours however you like.

  • Pay as You go, Hourly Rates for non cantracted customers.

    All Services are available to both ou Service Plan Clients and Pay-As-You-Use Clients. Regardless of which type of client you are, you will receive the same Prompt, High Quality Service.


D-Land IT complete IT cover.

Network, Active Directory, Operating System and DNS issues can wreak havoc on corporate IT infrastructure. Let our engineers help identify and correct system and infrastructure problems that impact application performance or availability.

  • IT Consulting

    Be proactive on potential IT issues–Small businesses can't afford not to obtain IT Consulting services.

  • Data Recovery

    Safeguard your business and your critical data by instituting a data recovery plan before something happens.

The Best IT Solution for Your Business

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